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Love your work guys, flamethrower never dissapoints. But i’ve been having an issue recently when ordering through your app. The 10” flamethrower option that i select, seems to get to you guys as an order for a 10” farmhouse. Might be an issue with the app? Works fine if i reorder a previous order that included the flamethrower. Love your work otherwise guys. Keep it up :)

Harvey, 27 Mar 2021

Nice but order was not complete

Tina Masson, 12 Mar 2021

I have had many different pizzas from yourself over time, but this is the worst pizza I have had from you. Pizza is burnt and have had to throw it in the bin.

Andy, 13 Feb 2021

Great service and food overall

Brandon, 11 Feb 2021

Lovely fresh food. Pizza so much better than dominos.

Katherine, 22 Jan 2021


Katherine, 18 Dec 2020

Speedy service with lovely pizza every time. Thank you.

Lorraine Dooley, 14 Dec 2020

Hello. We had become regulars and to date we have been very pleased with food we received. However, this evening, the pizza was very cold and seemed old, and it was lacking the topping described in your menu. Also the fries seemed old and cold. We had a feeling we received an old order, and not up to what we usually expect. Is it possible you could look into the timing aspect from when it had been cooked to when we received it. As we said, usually we were happy with the orders but on this occasion we were very disapponted and felt that we needed to tell you. Sincerely, Barry, Junko and Coco

Barry And Junko Baldwin, 12 Dec 2020

Fabulous, thank you! I originally tried the reorder option on the website and it warned me one of the toppings wasn't available but ordered from scratch and got all the toppings we wanted, well loaded too!

Jim, 12 Dec 2020

Always good service and food

David, 12 Dec 2020

Both pizzas; hot wings and garlic bread were cold. Tasted nice; but, would have tasted better warm!

Sam, 11 Dec 2020

My cheesy chips was melted to the polystyrene box. Phoned for a replacement and I'm still waiting over half hour later.

Charlie, 11 Dec 2020

Really good food and good prices

Nathan, 10 Dec 2020

Lovely pizzas speedily delivered thank you!

Jim, 05 Dec 2020

Always great service, thank you

Nicola, 04 Dec 2020

You're one of my favourite takeaways.

Robin, 27 Nov 2020

Wraps where cold upon delivery. Ordered a garlic bread and good a small margarita pizza. Onion rings came soggy. Chips were delicious as the mozzarella dippers.

Nathan Todd, 11 Nov 2020

fast hot and tasty wat more do u need

Terry, 05 Nov 2020

nice food just very slow service

Chloe, 05 Nov 2020

Our drinks were not delivered

Tim, 30 Oct 2020

very good for the price

Charlie, 28 Oct 2020

are you any closer to being able to deliver Wine?

Rob, 27 Oct 2020

So much better than your usual pizza takeaways. Bravo team

Michael, 24 Oct 2020

Best takeaway in the south west can’t get much better

Ross, 24 Oct 2020

10/10 will order again

Brandon, 16 Oct 2020

Great pizza, but jalapenos were missing from Quorn pizza.

John, 15 Oct 2020