We at Stone Willys Pizza Corsham aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Wiltshire. Give us feedback.

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Nigel, 18 Apr 2019

Good food and friendly staff.

Tom, 18 Apr 2019

Delicious food

Katie, 06 Apr 2019

I ordered for 7.55 Arrived at 7.20 Too early

Luke, 06 Apr 2019

Thank you for Friday food!!!!!!

Julie, 22 Mar 2019

Will definitely be ordering again

Sarah, 17 Mar 2019

Brilliant food, first time order from stone Willy’s will definitely be ordering again

Sarah, 17 Mar 2019

very happy with everything

Theresa, 16 Mar 2019

Always quick delicious and affordable.

Julia, 14 Mar 2019

No complaints

Ray, 06 Mar 2019



Vijay, 23 Feb 2019


Good food and quick ordering process

Vijay, 23 Feb 2019

Always fast delivery for when I am at work, never have any issues and always gets here piping hot! Couldn't recommend more !

Stephen, 18 Feb 2019

Very nice

Philip, 15 Feb 2019

very pleased with the food

Michael, 09 Feb 2019

This was our first order and we are most impressed. I love that we can order online. We'll definitely be ordering again.

Theresa, 02 Feb 2019

can i have bbq base and no hoisin sauce

Josh, 28 Jan 2019


Philip, 24 Jan 2019

Ordered a cheese burger but have received a chicken burger

Sophie, 20 Jan 2019

Always tasty food and order is always what we have asked for

Natasha, 15 Jan 2019

We’ve not had a pizza in a while so we’re spoiling ourselves tonight. It’s always a treat to have your pizzas; they really are the best pizzas in the world! Thank you.

Martin, 13 Jan 2019

We really enjoy your pizzas and the service you provide. Looking forward to tonight's order!

Julie, 21 Dec 2018

We order far too many pizzas but that’s because they’re so good!

Martin, 13 Dec 2018


Philip, 07 Dec 2018

Wonderful, wonderful pizzas! Why anyone should want to order pizzas from a well known High Street brand rather than from Stone Willy’s is completely beyond me!!

Martin, 06 Dec 2018

Quicker delivery.

Lisa, 30 Nov 2018